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Friends, Hygge and Botanics - The Great Escape!

This weekend I escaped mommydom for a night. This is the first night I have stayed away since my first was born. My eldest is 4 years old. A long wait....yeah, yeah, I know. I got the chance to see good friends, those kinds of friends that make you feel comfy, that you can open up to, laugh with and explore where you have been, where you are and where you are going. We were in Maidenhead and the very beautiful Marlow.

These two lovely people are the sort you would ask to be godparents (if we were religious). They are incredibly kind, understanding, dynamic and exciting. But on top of that, they hold firm admirable beliefs about the world, they have their own unique spirituality and they are kick ass women. One is an independent feminist (#faminist), battling with those expectations of women and her real hopes and future plans (a bigger subject, for another day). Successful at work, a manager, her conscientious side struggles to get that work life balance right. She introduced me to the concept of Hygge (#hygge). A Scandinavian idea that came about as a way to break up the mundane in their many cold, dark days. It is a “something” that makes you feel warm, cosy and lifts your spirit. The ideal Instagram photo image would be snuggling reading a book by the fire, a romantic sit on the beach watching the sunset. This in not right. It is about those simple pleasures.......a warm mug of coffee in the morning or time with friends (#friends)....

One Mama and two Gals!

My other friend is a performer, actor, singer, dancer. Balancing her unique abilities with the reality of life and her industry. She is in and out of work, as short term contracts require, but always shines. She has that intangible thing that lights up a room, makes her the one everyone wants to talk to and just brightens up your day. She is a vegan (#vegan). In some ways this helps explain her personality (not in a hippie vibe kinda way, she is very cool). She cares enough about the planet, animals and those around her so completely it is a way of life for her. A great source of ideas for plant based food for the family. Based on recent findings we have 2-3 meat free days a week for our children. Naomi will be coming back to us with some fab helpful foodie thoughts and ideas in a later blog.

So all our discussion and giggles happened in this wonderful heatwave, sipping cocktails in Marlow. There is Hygge right there..... We ate a late lunch in Fego; a lovely cafe on the right after walking over the bridge. Sipped an Aperol spritz in The Courtyard off Station Road. Did a touch of shopping and discovered the lovely Rosie Cheeks Boutique. A must visit for local moms. A beautiful variety of modern clothes in pastels and brights sit alongside fun interior ideas. Cute swimsuits I haven’t seen before, little bees, flamingos and owls! A lovely independent boutique (#babydecor #nurserydecor #nurseryinteriors #childrensclothes #babyboutique #buylocal).

We finished (after a touch of shopping), in The Botanist. A fab restaurant/bar with good food and fun drinks. There seemed to be a number of new staff, but very keen, as time goes on no doubt they will settle well into their new role. There was pleasant outdoor seating in quaint courtyards with gorgeous flowers. Fun lighting features inside were a great interior addition and bi-folding doors at the front opened the seats up to people watching. They seemed child friendly as I saw a family enjoying their meal comfortably. The children were well catered for by a flexible kitchen, comfy high chairs and kind staff. I cannot fully assess this service as this mommy blog is written without children in tow! (#thebotanist #eatingoutwithkids)

I missed my girls, but didn’t worry or wobble. This night may have been a long time coming, but as a result we were all ready! Cannot wait for the next meet up with these two top friends and love that my girls have two real women, leading lives on paths less well trodden, to look up to. As a mum, moments to switch off are hard to come by, so let’s find our Hygge moments in the everyday; all snuggling in bed first thing in the morning, reading your favourite story to them before bed or reuniting under a tree with lollies in your favourite park after a perfect night away. (#lichfield #beaconpark #reunion #mama)

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